Monday, July 12, 2010

Has anyone tried this yet...

GLASS ETCHING? I love this stuff. I could easily get addicted to this. This was a trifle dish that I have had for a while. I found the design online somewhere and traced it and the T. I used clear contact paper to trace it on and I think it worked great. Then I attached it to the glass and gobbed on the Armor Etch, twice for 10 minutes each.

This stuff is amazing. The hardest part is drawing and cutting out the design; especially if you don't have stencils or a nifty Cricut machine (which I am hoping that Santa will bring me one for Christmas).

I love how it turned out...

Sorry about the lovely pictures and the backdrop. I was in a hurry and couldn't think of a good background. And we are still in our rental (which I am very thankful for), but the wood paneling walls don't make for a very good background!
I think I might start getting out all my glass casserole dishes and putting my mark on them next. This would also be great wedding gifts. The possibilities are endless!

Have a good Monday!

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Anne aka La Vie en Rose said...

You trifle bowl etching turned out really well! Unfortunately I don't have a machine to cut things out on but I am hoping one day to own a Silhouette as they look very versatile.