Friday, May 14, 2010


It's finally Friday!!! Less than a week until we are finally closing on our house. I am not holding my breath though. It has fallen through about 3 times now. So it won't be a big surprise or disappointment if it doesn't happen!

The Girl Creative

It's New Friend Friday over at The Girl Creative. Go check out her blog and all the possible new friends you could meet. Hope you have a wonderful Friday and wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Something I Whipped Up...

I picked up a few T's for my niece at the store. I didn't know what I wanted to do with them, but I definitely wanted to use up some scrapes! I had a pink long-sleeve shirt that had some small holes towards the bottom. So I cut off the sleeves to make it short sleeve. With the part cut off I made some ruffles and sewed it around the neckline. The bottom ruffle was a little off center and it was driving me crazy! I had two choices: remove the bottom ruffle and try sewing it on again, or adding another design to cover up the mistake. I opted to create something to cover up the mistake. I didn't want to chance re-sewing the ruffle because my luck the same thing would happen again! I created this cute flower out of the same fabric and attached it. I hope it holds up in the wash!!!
Here's a close up.
And another ruffled collar. This is left over from another project. I sewed two stripes together on three sides, leaving one short side open to turn. I slip-stitch the end closed and sewed down the middle with a long straight stitch to create the ruffles. Then sewed it on the shirt. I think it will be adorable on the little princess.

Here's another Twirly Skirt I made from two fat quarters. Wal-Mart sells these fat quarters for a $1 and they have some cute designs. The shirt I bought and appliqued the circles on.
Then I made a shirt for the little guy so he can match his 'lil sis. There were some scraps left over, believe it or not so I used it for the tie. I love how this tie turned out! I think it is so cute!

And here is the matching duo:

Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dress Refashion

So I found this cute little dress at Wal-Mart. I was just passing through the clothing department and it grabbed my eye. I thought it was a cute little summer dress. When I got home and tried it on, it was a little short for my taste and a little plain.

So I dug through my scrape fabric stash and had just enough of some zebra print to add a little length.

The top of the dress has a cute lace around the neckline. But the waistline was missing something. It needed an additional touch too.

I just so happened to have enough fabric to make a belt as well. I didn't make it long enough to tie in a bow, so I formed a cute little flower instead. I think it turned out so cute.
And the final look. (Please excuse the unmade bed; I like to procrastinate!)
My only problem now is it has shrunk a little since I've washed it. So it's still a little short, but we will see if it will work.
Happy Wednesday!