Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rain, Rain

Wow! It has been raining non-stop today. And Monday was the same. I am not complaining; I am so thankful for it. It has been so dry here lately. We really need it. Even though it has been raining, it has been such a pretty day. Sort of bright and cheery. And even getting out in the rain today hasn't been a hindrance. It has been a nice change of pace from the hot, muggy weather we have been having.
Today reminds me of a similar day. I was visiting my sister when she had her last baby, Abby. One day it was raining and had been all day. The older kids were getting stir crazy from being inside so we decided to go outside and play in the rain. They had so much fun running and driving tractors through the puddles. That is one of my favorite memories. Hannah who didn't like to get dirty was soaked and was screaming with laughter running through the puddles. Manny and Hannah were making mud patties. They had so much fun playing with their ordinary toys, but in a whole new way.

Rain can often be such a burden sometimes. We have to deal with getting wet while getting in and out of our cars. And even though we have an umbrella, getting in the car and collapsing the umbrella while not getting wet is a trick I have not mastered! Then we have to deal with wet shoes and tracking in leaves and water into the house. I think you get the picture. But rain is a necessity for life. We need it, the Earth needs it.

Thinking about that day reminds me to appreciate even the most inconvenient situations. The rain was a burden that day. We couldn't go out for a walk around the block or play on the swing set without the obvious happening, getting wet. So we decided to take what we were given and make the most of it. There was no lightening so playing in the rain was harmless. Even though we had to get the kids inside and in the bathtub while they were strongly protesting it was all worth it. I will always be reminded to make the most out of every moment, every situation, because you never know when one of the variables in the equation will change.
I would love to run through the puddles again with Hannah, but that will have to wait until a later time. Who knows, she might be running through mud puddles now, but in a much better place.
I hope you are able to find joy in un-enjoyable situations. I know I find great pleasure in days like today.

Well, this is not how I envisioned this post going. I was planning on showing pictures of the house. Since this post has turned out to be pretty long, I will post house pictures later.

I hope you all have a great day. Enjoy the rain!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sneak peak to another project....

I am really excited about this one. I have been wanting to do this project for a long time and finally have the space to do it. Here is a sneak peak of part of the project.

Doesn't look like much I know. But if it turns out the way I think, it will look great! I can't show you anymore because that is about all I have done so far! Hopefully I will be done in the next day or two and then it is up to hubs to help finish the rest. So who knows how long that will be =) I will hopefully be showing the complete project by next week.

Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What we've been up to lately

Well, we finally moved!!! About 2 1/2 weeks ago! We are very blessed to have been able to buy this house. We are in a great neighborhood with great neighbors. I still can't believe we live here. I will post some pictures of the outside of our house soon.

We were very close to buying another house, but it didn't work out. At first I was really upset about it, but looking back I am very thankful for the way things turned out. God had His gracious hand in this process and blessed us with a much nicer home that is in a better neighborhood and has more character. This house is definitely one we will grow into and not out of. I hope to be here for a long time.

So, as with any move, there has been a lot of unpacking.

I realized, I don't mind packing up, but unpacking is not very much fun. I feel like everything is in total chaos, but I know our home will be in order soon. Hopefully!
Now we have to get ride of all these boxes! Anyone need boxes!!
I feel like I just keep creating piles of stuff and not doing anything with them! This is a goodwill pile that I keep putting off taking.

Here are more piles of stuff I don't know what to do with. This room will eventually be my craft room, but until then it is a catch all. I just need to dedicate a full day to this room. I can't wait to get all my sewing stuff here and paint the room a cheery, inspiring color!

In between all the unpacking and putting things away I had to break out the paint brush and paint. My first home improvement project: paint the half bath. We have one half bath downstairs that needed some color. It is still not 100% complete, but it looks much better. The tile in this bathroom is original to the house. It looks really neat.

This picture doesn't do it justice. I wanted to pick up a color that was complementary of this tile and was a little bold.

Here are some pictures before.

It had textured wallpaper that wasn't too bad. It was just a little too neutral for me. It really needed some color. While sitting on the bathroom floor with my sister-in-law I came across Exclusive Plum by Sherwin-Williams. I really liked the color and it became one of the top choices. A couple days later I came across a list of colors I had picked out for the other house that fell through. One of those colors was Exclusive Plum, and I was going to use it in the half bath of that house also. So that sealed the decision for the color.

Here are some after pictures:

It is not quite as rich as I wanted, but I really like how it turned out. Here is what the walls look like against the tile floor.

We want to eventually replace the vanity with an antique (or antique looking) chest and insert a vessel sink.

I have a few more rooms and bathrooms to paint, but I haven't decided on the colors. So more to come!

Have a great day!