Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Pillow Joy

A couple of weeks ago I came across a cute Christmas pillow with the word "JOY" in felt sewn on the front. It was so adorable. I didn't even look at the price because I knew it was way more than I would want to spend! While I was drooling over the pillow, my mother-in-law asked if I thought I could do something similar. Well, I really wasn't thinking about that, but I thought how hard can it be? So, I scooted on over to TJ Max and found this cute place mat. And it was only $1.99! How could I not buy it for that price?!?

This would be super cute on the table, but even cuter as a pillow! I happened to have some red felt (only because I went to Hobby Lobby with this project in mind!). After tracing out the word "joy" I appliqued it onto the front and stitched it down. I added some stuffing and sewed her up. I think she's quite pretty. Looking back, I kind of wish I had made the letters a little bigger, but overall I am pleased with how it turned out. And all for less than $5!!! And I bought two place mats so I need to get to work on the second one!!!

I love it and can't wait for the Christmas holidays! But it kind of makes me sad because it reminds me of all our Christmas decorations that we will not be able to bring out this year due to moving (for which I am very thankful). But that just means the next year will be very exciting; I will probably forget what all we have!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Now I can post the final product! I have been waiting just in case the recipient happened to look at my blog. I had so much fun working on this! I posted a few of the items already, but here is the final product.

I really wish I had been more diligent of keeping up with the costs, but I wasn't. So I have no idea how much it cost, but I definitely know that purchasing a gift set like this would be way more than I paid!

I ended up making another diaper case that matched the diaper clutch. I really meant to add a strap on the clutch to put your hand or arm through, but totally forgot until I was completely finished! Maybe next time I will remember. I used two tutorials for the clutch. You can go here and here to get the directions.
I made this tissue holder to match. Here is very simple tutorial. So quick and easy to make!
There is also a burp cloth in there. I don't know why, but I didn't take a picture of just the cloth. It is the pink fabric with big white dots. The reverse side is a dark brown microfiber material. Super cute!
And then there is this blanket! I am totally in love with. It is super soft and I wish I made one for myself!
I had so much fun making these gifts. I hope they come in handy and she likes them! I can't wait to make some more!