Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The cutest models in the world...

Here are a few pictures of my nieces wearing some dresses I made them. Here is the yellow dress I posted last week. The straps were a little long. When Abby was taking her nap I adjusted them up a little. This dress is a little long, but I think I like it like that. Plus that means she will be able to wear it longer =)

Here is a pillowcase dress I made earlier this summer. I never took a picture of it so I couldn't post it. But here is a picture with Emma wearing it. I added the ruffly strip and flower at the bottom to add some extra cuteness. She was really not wanting to take a picture and this face was made in between crying. Maybe one day soon I can get a closer picture of the ruffle and flower.

When I get a picture of Abby in the orange dress I will post that too. I can't wait to see how it looks on her!

My posting might become even more scarce (if that's possible, I haven't been doing so good since the move) because we will finally be moving into our own house!!! Yeh! Everything we own will be under one roof instead of scattered in 5 different places (and that's not an exaggeration!). Hopefully, this time next week we will be out of our rental and making our new home ours.

Best wishes!

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