Thursday, September 17, 2009

Halloween & Frills!

I have finally put the scissors to the fabric and started cutting! The pumpkin fabric I bought for another reason, but scrapes always come in handy. I bought two black shirts for my niece and nephew then appliqued the pumpkins on the shirts.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a black onesie, but I found this cute Halloween onesie.

As cute as it is, I couldn't leave it like that! I had to spruce it up a bit. I then remembered the orange scrapes of fabric from the Harley pillows. I was pretty sure I had kept it, but finding it was another issue! I luckily found it and also found some black ribbon with white polka dots! So I made little ruffles for the sleeves. They are so cute! The orange fabric will fray a bit, but it might add a little more character!

And a close up!

And I couldn't stop there!!! I had to add some ribbon to Hannah's shirt! I just used the ribbon, no orange fabric. It is just as cute, and now each one has their own festive shirt.

I still couldn't stop! I had to do a hair clip before I stopped. This turned out a little better than the last. Last time I skipped a step, oops. I guess it really does make a difference if you follow directions!

And here they are all together! I hope they enjoy!!!

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