Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spruce up a regular white T...

I have seen several tutorials on how to make corsages for t-shirts. I have this ole drabby white t-shirt that needs a make over.

I bought this dress this summer which is made out of jersey. The great part about it was that you cut it to whatever length you wanted. So, I had about a foot of extra fabric. I have been holding on to it trying to decide what to do with it. Well, I think it has found its purpose! This is so easy! I have since looked through my closet to pick out shirts that have served their original purpose and need a new one. I am going to cut these up also and try to make some brooches like these cute ones.

I cut stripes of fabric about 2" x 6". With the sewing machine set for a straight stitch and the longest stitch available, sew down the center of each strip. Then pull on the bobbin threat and shape the strip however you want.

Like this! You can either hand-stitch each one on or use your machine. I started by using my machine, but found it easier to hand-stitch each one. I love how it turned out!!!


I can't wait to wear it!!!

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City Grace said...

love it sarah! and the blue is so pretty! you're gonna have to change your title bc you are no're so crafty!