Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Necklace on the cheap!

I love jewelry, but hate spending lots of money on it. Well, I might have found a solution! While browsing through Hobby Lobby yesterday, I came across this pretty glass pendant. It was 30% off (regular price $5.99) so I had to buy it. A girl needs a new necklace every now and then! And it has been a while since I've gotten a new one! I am not sure how much it cost in total, but I would say less than $8. Materials needed: necklace string, pendant, bead (spacer), and clasp. The rest is pretty self-explanatory and the final product is a snazzy necklace, custom made!

Turn these:
Into this:

I can't wait to wear it. I am pondering what shirts it will go with! These would make great gifts! Next time the pendants go on sale I might have to stock up!!!

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Trisha said...

Love the necklace!! What a wonderful idea and cheap too.