Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Stuff

I have been having so much fun making baby stuff! I have some friends who are expecting soon. Luckily, both are having girls so I can use the same fabric for both! I have a HUGE folder in my favorites filled with baby ideas. Now I finally get to try some of them out!

While I was browsing through my favorite store (Hobby Lobby of course!) the other week I realized they have fat quarters! It wasn't a huge selection, but there were several cute fabrics including these:

I had to have them! I think my favorite is the one on the bottom. I was amazed at how much these squares could accomplish. I ended up buying two, but have not even put the scissors on the second one! Here are my creations:

The square blocks were super easy to make and lots of fun! I will say the little blanket tested my nerves a bit. I am a bit OCD about a few things and the squares not lining up exactly was a bit frustrating! But I resisted the urge to tear it apart and try again! There is a tutorial here that's very easy to follow.

I was able to makeover this wipe case out of what was leftover of the green fabric. I am not totally sold on the pink ribbon with green dots, but it will have to do. That was all I could find at Wal-Mart and I was not going to go back to Hobby Lobby for the third time this week! The fabric flower is by far my favorite part of this case. I will post another blog on this!
Then I raided my fabric scrapes for these next projects. I am falling in love with appliqueing! Once you get the hang of it, it becomes pretty quick and easy. I love, love the flower one. I just happened to find a template online that was the same shape as the flower on the fabric. So I had to use it!
And, because Christmas is right around the corner (I can't believe it!) I had to make a Christmas onesie! I think this is so cute! Its hard to see, but at the tip of the stocking is a little red crystal. They are also on the buttons. I don't know how long they will last, but it's cute while it lasts!

I have some more projects to do. I will be posting those soon! Happy Sewing!

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