Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall decorations!!

Finally, I started on my fall decorations. I don't have a whole lot, but I did have some spray painting to do before I could finish. I have been gathering ideas over the past few weeks from blogland. It was time to take action and get things done! I think my overall favorite are the beauties!

It started like this:

And this:
Not very attractive, I know. The idea came from here. I LOVE these candle holders (at least their shape)! I found them at TJ Max. It's pretty obvious, they don't match so I broke out the spray paint and fixed that problem! To my surprise the only black paint we had was a metallic looking black. So there is a slight sparkle to these if you look at them up close! The pumpkins came from the Dollar Store. They look great after a nice coat of paint!
This also came from the Dollar Tree. It's not too bad as is, but I wanted it black.
So it got a make over also and turned out like this:

I just need to figure out what can go inside it??? As for now, it is sitting on a shelf in our living room.
Bleeding candle sticks!!! Oooo. These are kind of cool. The idea came from here. This tested my patience a bit. The paint took a while to dry. And then it was kind of tricky to get the wax to drip just right. But it turned out pretty good. (Please disregard the tarnished candlesticks! That's one more thing I have been putting off!) It's kind of hard to see, but there is red wax dripping down the sides.

Vase makeover. So easy. That's why I like it! I found some cute scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby and wrapped it around the vase.
Now we have a spooky vase! Love it!
That's a wrap! I might have to think of some more fall decorations to put out when Halloween is over! I just can't wait until Christmas!!!!

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