Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One down, many more to go.

One project that is. And many more to go. But that's fine by me! There will always be another project. This has been on my list for a long time. I never did anything with it because I never had a place for it. But now I do. My mom gave me this when I was in college. It was nice for my apartment, but I am trying to keep the college memorabilia to one room, the study. Coat hangers don't have much of a place in a study so it was time to fix this baby up.
I added a few coats of black satin spray paint. Then where the GSU part is showing I cut out some fabric and mod podged it on. Then finished with another layer on top. I couldn't stop there because it needed an extra touch. I added some crimson colored fabric flowers (not red because then it would be red and black and we are not big fans of red and black) to finish it off.
I love how it turned out. I am scouring the house to find some things to go on top. I have a few ideas, but of course I would have to spend money.

This is the entrance from the garage. The dresser below is facing the garage door. This is another project. I want to paint it and glaze it. I can't decide to go green or blue. And of course I would like something for the wall above the dresser.
Putting it to good use!
Pretty flowers.

Enjoy your beautiful fall day!

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Sachiko said...

It turned out so nicely. The red flower is a nice touch!