Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Past projects

So I was going through an apron phase last year. I haven't made any in a while, but I have some ideas for gifts. I haven't found the perfect fabric, but I am looking. And when I find it, it'll be on! I used this pattern here. It's not very pretty, but I was only using it for the pattern. As you can see I made it reversible and I used ribbon instead of the fabric. So easy! (And I apologize for the pictures!!! I am not handy with a camera. Photography is something that I would LOVE to get into, but it's happening now!)

This is the first one I made. I made it for myself, just in case I totally screwed it up! I think its too cute, but I will admit I don't use it very often =(.

This cute Christmas apron I made for my sister. I used the fabric for the neck and waist tie. I think it turned out rather cute!

And my final one I made for my mother-in-law. They just renovated their lake house so of course she needed an apron to match!

These are very easy and great for beginners. I haven't been sewing for very long and found it easy to follow and easy to add my own touch to it.

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Krissy said...

And I LOVE my's Christmasy but I wear it year round!