Friday, August 28, 2009

Polka Dots & Stripes

I absolutely love this little dress. The fabric is so cute and fun! I so hope it will fit my niece! Michael has been at home sick with the flu, so when I wasn't taking care of him I was creating this cute dress. It is sort of like this handkerchief dress (which is a great beginner project), but is a little more involved b/c the fabric isn't pre-cut and there is a strip of coordinating fabric on the bottom. Here is the handkerchief dress and you can find the tutorial here.

This was my first clothing project without a pattern and directions or a tutorial. There are definitely things I will do different next time, but we live and we learn. I thought this fabric is great coming into the fall. I can see little Hannah in it with a long sleeve t-shirt and some cute tights. She will be so precious! Kris, I hope you enjoy. This one will be coming your way soon too!

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